Real Wealth Australia Reviews 2014 and Older

“Doing your Due Diligence” – Harry Miriklis, 2013

When I started the Real Wealth Australia Mentoring Program, I had $50,000 in credit card debt. Within a very short space of time I have reeled in my debt back to $10,000 with a further reduction to $5,000 planned in the next month!

I signed a contract for an off the plan property in Gladstone prior to joining the program. As certain details of the property didn’t stack up, I withdrew my offer and found it later sold for $45,000 less. What a great point for always doing your Due Diligence, because if you don’t, it could cost you big bucks.

“Eagerly willing to support us”Rob Witt, 2014

Thank you for a great day at the Real Wealth Australia masterclass. It was very inspiring & I’m excited! I now have confidence and support with the investing decisions that I am going to make.

“Great to have mentors to help”Rachael Lee, 2014

Real Wealth Australia’s Mentoring Program means that I have the necessary support to apply the strategies to achieve financial freedom. It’s great to have mentors to help me to successfully invest in growth properties.

“Endless gratitude”Clare Butler, 2014

Working with the team of experts at Real Wealth Australia I have a clearer idea on how to determine the best properties to buy for our personal situation and also how to find them. With endless gratitude.

“Back on track”Jeannette Lefrandt, 2014

Thank you to the teams at Real Wealth Australia to help me to get back on track.

I have been given the instructions to create financial freedom.

“High level of integrity”Jane Balme, 2014

Helen and Ed generously share their skills, knowledge, experience and expertise, and have a high level of integrity, whilst attracting quality experts who are keen to align their expertise with Real Wealth Australia.

“I have learned so much”Krystal Anderson, 2013

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Real Wealth Australia program. I have learned so much in such a short time and the program structure, material and support has been excellent.

“Encouraged to take action”-Jennifer Lipert, 2014

The start of my investment journey within your wise guidance means that I can stay positive because I have the Real Wealth Australia team support. I am motivated because I know people who are in the same position and I am encouraged to take action.

“Eagerly willing to support us”-Jann Ashcroft, 2014

Meeting other new participants at the Real Wealth Australia masterclasses was a great way to find out what others were up to. We enjoyed meeting the mentors who are eagerly willing to support us/advise us on a path we are choosing. They will point out aspects that we may not have thought of or if we are missing aspects of our planning.

“Exceeded my expectations” – Stephen Morabito, 2011

I have to say that your program has exceeded my expectations!

At the start of the program l did question whether my investment in the course was going to be worth it. I must say after the first session of the workshop, l was totally convinced the answer was yes! Helen and Ed are two extremely genuine people who want success for their clients. They lead by example and make clients feel at ease while providing all the support possible. It is not rocket science what Helen and Ed teach, however, it is presented in such a way that takes all the stress/indecision out of the investing process. The program structure/content of the course is fantastic, and blended in with real life examples, really delivers the message that financial freedom through property investing is possible!

I highly recommend the program to novice investors as well as those with experience.

“These guys really want your investment efforts to work” – Kendall Budai, 2011

The Real Wealth Property Mentoring Program was true education based upon real life experiences – the best you can base your learning upon.,

Many aspects of investing were covered in depth and many professional contacts were then made available to those being mentored – this is probably the most important experience I realised. These guys really want your investment efforts to work and they are prepared to get you the help that you need to fill the gap or fear being experienced.

They are the real deal and my money has been well spent at last!!!

“All our properties are positively geared” – Jason Booth, 2012

On joining the Real Wealth Australia Mentoring Program, I was very hesitant about spending the money to join, but I have saved twenty times that amount. Not only that but all of our properties are positively geared, which I didn’t think was possible.

Thank you!

“Second investment property with no money down” – VJ Chhagan, 2011

I stumbled upon “Real Wealth Australia” at the Property Expo with Helen there in person. We spoke for no more than 10 minutes, but the phrase “when the student is ready the teacher will appear!” came up and I got myself short listed for the next 12 month mentoring program.

The following 6 months were just amazing. The course is rich in content. Helen and Ed’s approach uses mistakes and wins that they made in the past as learning examples which made it real (banter included for free). The course materials include templates for due diligence, and statements and clauses for making offers and buying property. Throughout the program, access to the mentors is always just a phone call away.

So the results… I secured my second investment property with no money down within months of starting the course!

“The course acts as a catalyst to start ‘doing'” –Kerry and Steve Parker, 2011

We loved doing the course. Great to be surrounded with like minded people enthusiastic about property but all coming from different situations. Helen and Ed are very knowledgeable and approachable. The course really places importance on various aspects of property including due diligence, selection, acquisition and property management. It places important emphasis on certain things like depreciation reports, valuers etc… which may not seem that important from just reading books. The course acts as a catalyst to start “doing”, not just reading books and magazines. We are extremely pleased we enrolled and look forward to a great future in property investing and a continued relationship with Helen and Ed as wonderful mentors. Thank you so much.

“Their passion is inspiring” –Lance and Helena Facer, 2011

Helen and Ed have given us the knowledge, and through this, the confidence to take our investing to a new level with goals and a strategy that we are turning into a reality. More than this though, Helen and Ed have been very encouraging and engaging in their teaching and presenting and their passion is inspiring. We would never have acquired the skills, tools and confidence had we not enrolled in their program.

We are thrilled to have already purchased two properties this year with plenty to look forward to.

The amazing panel of experts and great networking have allowed us to grow as much as we have so far. Being part of a group of like-minded people is inspiring in itself away from the often negative attitudes from peers and family.

“Made an offer on our first house” –Allan and Kymmie Menagh, 2010

The course helped us create our own map and take our own steps. During the course we made an offer on our first house. We did this with confidence and with knowledge. Amazingly, the real estate agents were forced to deal with us more carefully, more respectfully and more seriously. So the deals we are looking at are much better in terms of purchase price, growth potential and so on.

We’ve become investors. We’re already better and we know we’ll safely and confidently learn. We will achieve our goals

Andrea Gnys-Heka, 2010

It has been a really great experience. I have loved it! I have learnt so much knowledge that I can’t put a price on it, and I have lots more to learn on my journey of building investment properties. Look forward with what’s to come!

Thank-you, thank-you!

Phil Monteduro, 2010

Helen & Ed – Thank you for such a worthwhile experience and the opportunity to learn. Not often are people prepared to open up their lives to others like you guys have.

I look forward to learning more and creating wealth in the future. God Bless

Terry Vu, 2010

This is a great program. It has given me a lot of knowledge to enable me to gain a better financial position in a few years. A lot of information needs to be absorbed which helps widen my eyes for the future.

Heath Ascott, 2010

The thing that sets this course apart is the passion and humanity that oozes from Helen and Ed and all who work with them. They only want your success.

John and Dijana Carpinteri, 2010

Thank you for opening our eyes up to a world of opportunity. We aspire to one day to be as successful as you. We would refer our friends/family to the Real Wealth course without a doubt.

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