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My husband and I joined Real Wealth Australia back in April 2016. We were apprehensive to say the least. However, the mentoring we received from the team of experts quickly alleviated any fears that we had. The tools – including a wide range of reading material, access to the Real Wealth Australia Vault and Property Mentors and property investment seminars – gave us the confidence to forge ahead with our property investment goals. One


I regret that i didn’t join Real Wealth Australia earlier! Full of passion and professional mentors! At first, I thought this was just another scam company which tried to sell their properties or promote their project! However, after working with Real Wealth Australia for just 4 months, I could achieve what i thought may take me a year or way longer than that! Highly recommended!


I joined Real Wealth Australia last 2015 and the experienced is unbelievable. I learned a lot regarding investing in real estate and since joining, I’ve purchase 8 investment properties in less than 18 months. I highly recommend joining Real Wealth Australia because I’m a living proof.


Once I read a few books on property investing, I think I had been bitten by the investing bug. I knew I needed some help if I was to get where I wanted to be. Reading more books, I found Helen’s “59 Biggest mistakes made by property investors” and so much of it just made sense. I then searched for a course to help me on my way. The biggest challenge was who to