Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward

Let’s Pay-it-Forward this Christmas

What Can You Build with Bricks and Toothpaste?

In the lead up to Christmas, I am initiating a Christmas ‘Pay-it-Forward’ appeal.

Real Wealth Australia has linked up with the SHaRM Foundation to help rebuild schools in Vanuatu because the best way forward for this small island nation is to improve the standard of education to help them get ahead.child-venuatu

I don’t particularly want to focus on the devastation that Cyclone Pam caused this year,


  • It did leave thousands of people homeless, and leaving whole communities without infrastructure.
  • It has left these gentle people reliant upon foreign aid to help rebuild their nation.
  • The poor kids have to forego toothbrushes and toothpaste as their families are funneling all their hard earned money into trying to rebuild their lives after Cyclone Pam mercilessly destroyed everything they owned.

We are so fortunate in this country so it would be great if we can ‘Pay-it-Forward’ this Christmas to help kids who have nothing.

What I’d like to do is tell you about our fundraising campaign.

The Destruction caused by Cyclone Pam
And the rebuilding that followed
Children displaced from their classrooms
And now they have their classroom back

See, given that we’re all about property, and property is built with bricks and mortar, we wanted to help out with a bricks and mortar campaign, but we’ve put a slight twist on it.

cheeky-toothWe want to raise money to buy bricks and toothpaste!

Yes we are going to build new classrooms.

But no, it’s not going to be with bricks AND toothpaste!toothpaste

The bricks will be used to rebuild classrooms and other school buildings that were destroyed during the cyclone.

The toothpaste part actually refers to a kit.  Each kit has a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste in it to help the children of Vanuatu maintain good oral hygiene.

So we would love you to sponsor us in this campaign and all proceeds will go to the SHaRM Foundation, which I am proud to have co-founded.

BarrowYour generosity will help us to buy the following:

  • $25 will buy 12 kits, and help 12 children maintain good oral health
  •  $50 will buy a wheelbarrow of 50 bricks
  • $100 will buy a single pallet of 100 bricks
  • $200 will buy a double pallet of 200 bricks

Now, I would love for you to support this cause, so please dig deep and give generously this Christmas.

The Ni Vanuatu could really do with your help and any donation you provide will go a long way to helping them.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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