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How to Maximise Your Most Important Investments this Christmas

Your biggest investment: what it is and how much is it worth?

If it’s your home, it could be worth a fair chunk of change. If it’s your property investment portfolio, we could be talking about bricks and mortar worth a few million bucks.

But if you think your home or property investments are your biggest investments, we’re not yet on the same page.

Let me attack this from another angle: who are the most important people to you in the world?

It might be your partner or spouse, your children or your parents. Or it could be your very best friend (or if you’re lucky, best friends), your cousin or another relative.

Whoever they may be, these people are the real reasons why any of us invest in property in first place. It’s so we can create a bigger, better, more enjoyable and less stressful lives for ourselves and our loved ones.

So let’s not forget this over the madness that is ‘the silly season’!

Christmas is usually a pretty hectic time of year and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve noticed over the years that it can bring out the worst in some people!

They get cranky when circling the congested shopping centre car park… They push past people angrily when hurrying around the shops… They roll their eyes at the traffic when it’s backed up due to Christmas event.

I understand that it’s a stressful time of year. But I want to gently put a reminder out there that Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration!

It’s truly a great time to focus on investing time with family, friends and loved ones and to really build quality experiences with them, as well as to pursue your greater purpose in life and support your loved one in pursuing the same.

Think about it: how great does it feel to work on something you’re passionate about? And how amazing is it when someone you care about takes a genuine interest in what you’re doing?

For me personally, I know that after I co-founded the SHaRM Foundation to support the people of Vanuatu in the wake of Cyclone Pam (a weather event that devastated the nation), I was thrilled when people began supporting my vision.manua 6

I was so touched when friends, loved ones and colleagues donated or offered in-kind support. And I continue to be blown away that we’ve raised over $100,000 in less than a year, to help those who were hardest hit to rebuild their communities. (You can see some of the projects we’ve been working on here.)

That’s why I believe that ultimately, the biggest investment you’ll make this Christmas won’t be financial…

It’s the investment of your time that matters most.

You’ve worked hard all year to make money and to take steps towards creating a financially free future. Now, it’s time to actively put your tools down and spend some time fulfilling your soul.

I’d really encourage you all to take a genuine break from whatever it is you call work, whether you’re an employee or a small business owner. I know this can be hard to achieve but a short and complete rest and respite, even if it’s only for three or four days, can do wonders for your energy and vitality.

It’s my hope that you’ll take this is your mini ‘call to arms’, to value what you have and to share your most precious resource of time with those who matter most to you!

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas and we look forward to diving into an exciting and profitable year with you in 2021.

Til next time, happy investing!
Helen Collier-Kogtevs

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How to Maximise Your Most Important Investments this Christmas_7

How to Maximise Your Most Important Investments this Christmas

Your biggest investment: what it is and how much is it worth? If it’s your home, it could be worth a fair chunk of change. …


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