Nuttakit Luengwitayakor

I earn a moderate income per year. I only pay rent on my unit of about$135/week. I live by myself so I have heaps of money left over. Previously I spent my money on too many holidays, too many surf nuttakinboards and unnecessary expenses! BUT….after I meet Real Wealth Australia, I aim to have 10 properties in 10 years. I stopped paying for my entertaining & started to cook food for the whole week even bringing food to work!

I hardly ever to go a restaurant! I can save heaps of money this way to put towards my 10% deposit.

And I didn’t feel like I was deprived of my holidays or even my happiness because I feel very happy to see my money growing into the right direction!

I’ve been in program since SEP 2014 and I have just brought a cash flow property with $130 / week left over after paying interest to the bank! How wonderful it is! And I’m not going to go on holiday anymore until I can be financially independent.

All of you at Real Wealth are very helpful team support me.

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