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Financial Stewardship – The Joys of Financial Freedom

Fact: Few of us are born into money. That means we have to go and there and make it for ourselves, using whatever means we have at our disposal to get ahead.

While financial freedom obviously means something different to everybody, if you were to ask the average Joe or Joanne on the street, most people would say their idea of financial freedom is having enough money to do and have everything you want.

Having abundant money is the dream for most people. We believe it will allow us to be generous and full of joy, living life to the full with no financial burdens to carry.

It sounds like complete and utter bliss. Right?

Not quite. Financial freedom is not just about how much you have in the bank or how many holidays you take every year. I know plenty of people who have bulging bank accounts, but they’re utterly miserable.

Real freedom comes from being a trustworthy steward of money – both while you’re working your way towards wealth, and well after you’ve made it.

And it starts by creating freedom with the money you have now.

Creating wealth is a journey we have to decide to embark on and unfortunately, too many people are so overwhelmed by the daunting idea of making big life decisions, or figuring out how to create their own wealthy future, that they find themselves at a standstill.

There are certain kinds of people who don’t pay attention to their finances at all, with no concept of a budget or how often a day they swipe their credit card.

Then there are others who can’t sleep at night, anxious about their unconquerable debt or sudden financial crises they weren’t prepared for.

But as motivational speaker and personal finance coach Anthony Robbins says, “Financial freedom is not just about finances. It’s about creating and sustaining joy, happiness, and that feeling of being truly alive, living that extraordinary life that we all want and deserve”.

Whether you have a little or a lot…

There’s no freedom in being a slave to your money!

However, there is freedom in having control over your money, and giving every dollar purpose.

There’s no freedom in disregarding today’s money as tomorrow’s problem.
But there is freedom in seeing money as a tool to achieve your dreams for your future, by having a plan and making decisions now to bring your dream to life.

Letting go of fear of failure, and any worry about your lack of knowledge or experience, is a necessary step to shifting from complacency to action.

Far from being constrictive, a long-term plan, a budget and an emergency fund will allow you greater freedom now, with the money you have.

While you’re doing this, you may be firmly focused on your goals and the ‘bigger picture’ of your financially abundant life. But I’ve got to say, there’s joy to be found, no matter where you are in your journey.

As Robbins says: “The key to experiencing financial freedom is to first understand that no amount of money will ever make you wealthy. The secret to wealth is gratitude.”

Thank you

It all starts with gratitude… and concludes in the freedom of reaching your financial goals. 

The joy that comes from reaching your goals for wealth and living the life you’ve worked hard for, however that looks to you, is a feeling like no other. For you, it might mean early retirement, travel, or a fancy, modern home; the dream is different for everyone.

You’ll need to revisit your goals often, as it’s motivating and exciting to see your targets moving closer and closer.

And your path to financial freedom will be entirely your own – it might involve property investment as well as stocks, self-funded superannuation or business ventures.

But whatever path you take to reach your goals, remember that financial liberty is the reward for being a responsible steward of your money over the years it takes you to get there. So no matter where you are on the journey: enjoy!

Til next time, happy investing!
Helen Collier-Kogtevs

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