current challenges

Current challenges facing investors.

Have you been keeping up with the outcomes of the Royal Banking Commission? It’s a doozy and I reckon as, with all Royal Commissions, its going to create some kufufal for a while then settle back into a new norm.

The Royal Commission targeted ANZ and accused them of not doing the right thing. In fact, they are saying that ANZ was non-compliant by not verifying inconsistent living expenses.

What that means is if you were applying for a loan with ANZ bank last year, and you forgot to declare every credit card you had on your loan application, then ANZ were not really double checking it.

How will this impact you?

Well, there is good news and there is bad news!

First the Bad News…

In a nutshell, borrowers will need to sign documents declaring all their expenses. Now for most people, this is not an issue as it’s understood that you are obliged to declare ALL expenses when applying for a loan, however…

Moving forward, borrowers will need to provide acceptable verification documents for all outgoings and debts.

Now for the Good News…

Personally, I am not bothered by this new policy change – in fact I embrace it… I’d rather get on the front-foot by lining up my financial ducks so that I can breeze through the loan process.

You see, for all my students, they don’t need to worry as we focus a great deal on finance and money management as part of the P.E.A.K Mentoring programs and as a result, they are already streets ahead of the rest.

4 Properties in 12 Months

For example, my students David and Caroline, a young couple from Sydney wanted to start a family but before embarking on parenthood, they joined my mentoring program and went on to purchase 4 properties in 2017 and in 2018 are taking a break as they have just welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world.

How did they achieve such a fantastic result?

By working with mentors and a team of experts, they were able to line up their financial ducks which enabled them to purchase 4 properties in one year.

Buying property is easy… buying several properties is just as easy when you know how and have a team to support you every step of the way.

Join my P.E.A.K Mentoring Program and gain the certainty and clarity you need to build a future that brings you peace of mind and joy, just like David and Caroline.

Imagine how they are feeling right now…enjoying their new bundle of joy and knowing they are on their way to securing their financial future for their little family.

You can have this too.

Apply Now for my P.E.A.K. Mentoring program and let us support you to a better future.


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