Investors ask: Buying 'on the trend'

Q. I am looking to buy my first investment property. I have been told that it is best to buy at the bottom of the cycle and sell at the top. However, someone told me to just buy “on the trend”. What does this mean and how does it affect me?

A.The term ‘property cycle’ is used to describe fluctuating property prices. Until recently it was generally agreed that these cycles occurred over roughly a seven year time frame, however economic instability has meant that cycles are now more sporadic. Property cycles do not affect all properties in all areas in the same way.

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Seven property negotiation questions to gain the upper hand

As property buyers, there are plenty of strategies you can use to gain the upper hand when you’re negotiating the deal.

Remember, property negotiations aren’t always about price, as some vendors have other priorities they’re more focused on – and you can use this to your advantage.

That’s why I suggest you ask the selling agent a bunch of questions before you make an offer, so you can negotiation from a position of knowledge and power.

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