The New Revolution in Property Investment Mentoring!

The New Revolution in Property Investment Mentoring!

Thursday 15th February 2018 at 06:30 p.m. (Melbourne Time)

2018/02/15 18:30:00

I am ready to spill the beans on:

  • The next evolution in property mentoring and what it means to your family and future

  • How to get help from a trusted expert who has created her own path to financial freedom through property investment in Australia.

  • Find out how you can access an expert’s level of investment knowledge and success and use it to your greatest advantage.

  • An exclusive bonus podcast for webinar attendees where you learn What and Where to Buy in 2018 and What to stay away from.

  • Live Q&A where you can have all your questions answered by Helen Collier-Kogtevs.

Helen Collier-Kogtevs
Educator | Investor | Speaker | Best-selling Author

Helen Collier-Kogtevs is the founder of Real Wealth Australia and is a self-made millionaire who built her wealth through her property investment expertise. Helen explains that she has pioneered property mentoring programs dedicated to helping ordinary Australians create property portfolios using her disciplined, low-risk and systematic approach. She has written several bestselling books, has been interviewed on TV, radio and has been published in some of the largest publications in Australia.