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A No B.S. Live Q&A Session with Helen Collier-Kogtevs

Get all your burning property investment questions answered by a multi-millionaire expert property investor who has done it all. She practices what she preaches.

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In this webinar, Helen answers all the burning questions about property investing.

Questions that are answered by Helen in this Webinar:

  • As a beginner and a Learner in the property industry, what would be your advice on how to go about approaching and finding the right field for me to invest? – 0:16:54
  • I know it depends on your circumstances but what sort of properties do your clients buy to be able to buy 10 properties in 10 years? – 0:20:37
  • With property prices so high and rental yields so low how can our children ever afford a home of their own here in Australia? – 0:24:58
  • I’m looking to earn about $100k pa from Renovation / Flipping. I also have limited borrowing capacity, so need to find money partners. Do you have many students in a similar position? PS – I have seven years Real Estate experience and renovated six houses so far. Therefore, I have experience. – 0:28:05
  • Are there any tasks and actions that I’ve to complete before I start investing? I am trying to rearrange my finances to get a better grasp of my expenses and savings capacity. – 0:31:34
  • Can you give some example of how mentors assist in an investment and the period after I have successfully invested? – 0:35:32
  • We own a unit in Townsville which needs est. $50,000 renovation after 30 years of rental ownership. Can’t rent in current condition but also probably only valued at $150,000 after renovation. Overcapitalised? –  0:38:47
  • What are the benefits of negative gearing and can negative gearing equal positive cash flow? – 0:41:31
  • Do you show to students what property to buy or just teach? – 0:42:24
  • The reno will only give 20 per week extra rent – no mortgage – 0:43:40
  • Should a joint venture be in a trust? – 0:44:15
  • I’ve got brand new townhouse and I was planning to get a BMT Schedule to claim for the depreciation but I am not currently working at the moment. Can I ask what a BMT Schedule is? – 0:51:00
  • Do you think Dee Why – 2009, Northern Beaches- NSW good to invest? – 0:45:56
  • We are thinking of purchasing a property in Rydalmere, NSW for around $1.1M. It is the median price for this suburb but it is a lot too us. It’s a good area, but we are afraid the property will crash. Any advice on how to overcome our fear? Thank you – 0:46:11
  • I hear so many horror stories about bad tenants, what happens if my tenant doesn’t pay rent? – 0:48:50

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