How to Pick A High Performing Property Every Time – Exactly What to Do and Look For

How to Pick A High Performing Property Every Time

Exactly What to Do and What To Look For

Tuesday September 18th at 11:00 A.M.


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2018/09/18 11:00:12

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Both of the properties above look very similar and have very similar attributes as well, yet one One delivers $2,600 PA and has less vacancies. .

Can you spot the difference?

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you exactly what it is on our upcoming live event.

Have you ever worried about making a mistake when investing in a property? Which suburb or city to buy in? Or the exact type of property to invest in for a certain area?

It’s an important question.

The difference in buying the right property above vs. the wrong one could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next decade – meaning if you invest 40 hours to work out exactly where to buy…

You’re Literally Paying Yourself THOUSANDS of dollars an Hour

How does that compare to your current hourly rate? Truth is, most millionaires in this country are created via property, and nothing generally pays better.

But to maximise your returns…

You must know where to invest.

You must know which type of properties to invest in.

You must know how to get finance in 2018.

You must know the new rules of lending.

And you must know what makes a good rental vs. a crap rental.

That’s why I’m running this free webinar, incorporating plenty of examples of what to look for, case studies and data, where you’ll discover:

  • Exactly how to find high performing properties right now (that won’t be beyond your lending limits).
  • How to pick the right house in the right suburb (before it becomes common knowledge, and others make prices soar).
  • The best experts to ask about properties when researching an area (it’s not who you think, and you won’t need to pay them a cent).
  • Two properties, same price. One delivers $2,600 PA and has less vacancies. Find out exactly what makes the difference.
  • The one key rule you need to know before you can borrow money.
  • The “rental boom”, and how to pick the best property to maximise your cashflow.

Please don’t invest in a property before watching this webinar.

You’ll discover information you won’t access by reading books, Googling, or other forms of research – which could make the difference between buying a goldmine or a lemon.