The Mentor – DVD

Does property investing seem like a horror movie? Are you afraid of all the horror stories you’ve seen on current affair programs?

Helen Collier-Kogtevs had her friends laugh at her when she told them she was going to become a self made millionaire through property. After all she was just a normal girl from the northern suburbs of Melbourne, up to her eyeballs in consumer debt and certainly no smarter that anyone else. The current affairs show she watched said “you’ll get burnt”. Financial advisors warned against it. Friends and family said “you’re dreaming”. However within 7 years she had proved them all wrong.

Helen’s friends and family started asking how she did it and so she started telling them her secrets. So if you want to launch yourself into property investing for the very first time, ‘The Mentor’ will get you started. But if you’ve already got some investment properties we’ll give you some great tips and techniques to fast-track your portfolio. Watching this educational DVD ‘The Mentor’ will be your first bold step.

Watch property investor Helen Collier-Kogtevs as she mentors three groups of property investors to successfully invest in residential property.

Invest in “The Mentor – DVD” for Only $29