P.E.A.K Property Mentoring Program

How a Nurse From Sydney Went From Working 4 Jobs, 7 Days a Week, With Mountains of Debt To Owning an 8-Property Portfolio, in Just 3 Years

Gerard was in a real bind. He loved his kids, but couldn’t spend time with them. Money was tight, and he couldn’t see a way out.

And like most property investors, when he thought of property…

He was overwhelmed…

He was hampered with inaction…

He was second guessing himself…

Then he turned everything around. You can watch his story here…

Gerard – 2017

Gerard (Wife and 4 children). Went from working 4 jobs, 7 days a week and mountains of debt to 2 jobs and purchased his 8th property in 2018.

Would you like to get results like Gerard?

Have you set some New Year’s Resolutions to start growing your property portfolio in 2019, but are wondering – based on today’s uncertain economy…

How you’ll actually be able to do it?

Maybe you’ve read 100 books, bounced all over Google, learnt all the strategies, but still can’t seem to cut through the clutter and work out how to get access to finance, invest in the right areas and have confidence in making a smart decision?

I have good news for you…

My P.E.A.K Mentoring Program is Now Open for a Short Period

This unique program is the equivalent of learning tennis from Roger Federer, only for property investing.

You’ll be working with me personally or one of my Property Mentors who already have achieved real success as a property investor – and can guide you through the process, much like a “sherpa” guides mountaineers to the top of Mount Everest.

Yes, the program consists of an easy to follow, step-by-step system…

P.E.A.K Property Education And Mentoring Programs

Real Wealth Australia offers unique education programs that are designed to teach you how to fish so you nail your investing goals fast.

These programs consist of an easy to follow, step-by-step system so you implement your investing plan with confidence.

Plus, our programs are flexible enough to fit in with your busy lifestyle – no more spending hours and hours surfing the net, going nowhere fast.

It’s time to get the knowledge that will allow you to implement your retirement goals today!



We Teach You How to Invest in a Strategic, Disciplined and Low-Risk Way So That You Achieve Your Goals Sooner Rather Than Later.

By definition, Education means to study and learn. It’s the development of the abilities of the mind (learning to know) … learning, knowledge and enlightenment.

Whereas Mentoring is a powerful personal and/or career development tool that can enable the mentee to achieve or exceed their life’s goals and aspirations. A mentor according to the dictionary is ‘a trusted counsellor or guide’. … Depending upon the mentee’s needs a mentor: Shares knowledge and life experiences.

And when you combine Education with Mentoring, what you get is a powerhouse of learning and guidance to support you in achieving your goals and aspirations.

Better still, at Real Wealth Australia, our mentors are practiced investors themselves who have purchased, settled and held multiple properties so you are not getting theory, instead, as a student, you are getting real world knowledge and experience to guide you through the maze of property investing.


Dr Maljanek – 2017

RWA’s easy to follow systems and step by step guidance through the whole purchasing property process has given me the confidence to purchase property anywhere in Australia even without physically seeing the place.


James & Jennifer Peake – 2017

…the mentors have been fantastic. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to do the due diligence and then do it again. I now know I need a systemised approach to move forward and purchase my next IP.


Selda Kaplan – 2017

The mentoring program has brought me up to property number 4. I’ve learned so much during this process with Real Wealth Australia… and the importance of having a great and supportive team around you.

Unless you come from a circle of friends and family that taught you growing up how to manage money or exposed you to investing, then chances are you would have travelled the road of ‘suck it and see’ when growing up.

You see, personal money management and investing is not taught at school, at least not to any great detail so it makes it difficult for average Australians to really understand the process, pitfalls and risks associated with investing.

Is it any wonder that the majority of people never purchase an investment property?

Well, at Real Wealth Australia, it is our passion to teach, guide and share our experiences with people who are keen to learn and who wish to understand the principles so that they can go on to build property portfolios with confidence.

Our P.E.A.K Education and Mentoring programs, allows you to do just that – take control back and invest with confidence.

We believe that when Passion and Energy is supported by Action and Knowledge, it leads to Success.

How Does the P.E.A.K Education and Mentoring Programs Work?

P.E.A.K. Mentoring is unique in that it comes with genuine one-on-one support via phone, skype and email. If you need, we’re only a phone call away.

Second, it gives you direct access to our ‘All Star’ team of professionals that we use for our own investing including mortgage broker, accountant, insurance broker, solicitor and more.

We’ll give you all the guidance and support you need to make smart purchases and build a portfolio of income–generating properties for a relaxing retirement!

In fact, by selecting the Gold Subscription, which is our most popular package, we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

mindset quote


Our team of property investment Mentors are all successful investors. They don’t just read books about investing: they’ve been in your shoes. They’ve actually been through the very same program and they’ve created powerful portfolios for themselves.

They’re exactly the kind of seasoned, real-world experts you need.

Here’s a look at all the ways our Mentors can help you:

  • Confidence and clarity to understand exactly what makes one property a better investment than another so that you can choose the right property the first time.
  • Easy, simple strategies for choosing the most profitable location, neighbourhoods where plenty of renters are ready to pay you while you collect the profits.
  • Step-by-step strategies that use a disciplined, low-risk approach that works for almost any income. As long as you follow our principles, you can build a powerful property investment portfolio that pays for your retirement.
  • Tons of check lists and quick guides to help you easily avoid those goal-ruining property disasters from Day 1.
  • Smart investment strategies that help you choose properties based on financial information instead of emotional deception. (Too many people have ruined their chances at creating real wealth with a property that looks beautiful but doesn’t pay!)
  • And so much more.

Ultimately, we’ll lead you to the primary goal of our programs, and that is to:

Teach You How to Invest in a Strategic, Disciplined and Low-Risk Way

For most people, the idea of owning a property, let alone a property portfolio sounds like a PIPE dream… perhaps even an impossibility.

But the reality is that as long as you follow our simple, step-by-step instructions, it’s possible to achieve this level of success, even with an average salary and reasonable savings in the bank.

In fact, when many of our students first start investing, they have tons of consumer debt, and no idea of where to begin.

But once they discover the right strategies, they go on to clean up their financial mess and build a portfolio of profitable properties by implementing our simple to follow system and by being disciplined about the purchases!

Watch how these clients turned their lives around.

Chris and Jason- 2018

Chris and Jason in 2015 went from $800,000 in the red from bad business decisions turning it around to purchase their 6th property in 2018.

Anthony – 2017

Anthony, a family man, went from making bad property investments, to making a profit of $200-300k in the first 2 years.

The P.E.A.K Property Education and Mentoring Program, gives all our students the same systemized and in-depth knowledge as well as hands-on support that helped Gerard, Jason and Chris achieve their retirement dreams.

Why not you?

Plus, P.E.A.K Education and Mentoring is Flexible enough to suit Your Lifestyle. So if you are looking for personalised mentoring that helps you get results, then we’ve got your back with…

  • Hands-on guidance from real property investment experts – who have achieved exactly what you hope to achieve and understand the real estate market better than 99% of the advisors and agents out there.
  • Easy access to your mentors. Your mentors are available over phone or skype when you need them. You get to speak with them so you can get the help you need. (This is especially critical when you’re considering a property purchase.)
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions that anyone can understand. We don’t throw a bunch of real estate jargon at you just to make us look smart. We give you detailed instructions that will have you buying your properties with confidence, clarity, and ease.

And even though there are hundreds of books with powerful investing information, you’ll discover that the smartest property investments are made using our 7 Master Secrets.

The 7 Master Secrets to Successful Property Investing

Even though there is a plethora of powerful investing information available, the P.E.A.K. Education and Mentoring Programs, teaches you step-by-step the process for successful investing.

The P.E.A.K. investing system is made up of 7 Master Secrets which was developed using decades of real-world investing experience and knowledge.

These secrets are the driving force behind my educational investing system – like fuel for your car. They are what makes the P.E.A.K. investing system so powerful and successful.

Each module takes you through every element of investing in property. No stone is left unturned. From laying your solid financial foundation, to finding the perfect deal that matches your personalised strategy.

Our education programs include topics such as negotiating, how to find your own deals easily, conducting your research like a pro, and all the nitty-gritty you need to know to allow you to invest with confidence.

Click here to download the 7 Master Secrets

Jane – 2018

Maddy and Morgan – 2018

P.E.A.K Property Education and Mentoring

Here’s What’s Included in the Gold Membership:

Login access to the Exclusive Online Vault where you’ll get:

Gold Package

Complete Investing System

  • Hours of ‘How to’ Training Videos – Watch as Helen with her Panel of Experts guide you through every aspect of how to invest successfully with a strategic plan.
  • Preliminary ‘fast starter’ action pack – essential steps to get you started immediately in today’s property market.
  • The 7 Master Secrets workbook – over 300 pages of what you must know before, during and after you invest your hard-earned money on a property.
  • The complete set of property investing systems, checklists and criteria – contained in The Blue Book, The Green Book, The Red Book and The Black Book.


  • The Number Cruncher Deal Maker Software – to make sure the numbers stack up before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Portfolio Performer – so you can track how your portfolio is doing and easily see if you have a winner or a lemon.
  • Market Analysis and Data Reports – each month you’ll get specific property Suburb Prediction and Market Analysis reports to make your investing far more powerful so that you narrow down your perfect property quickly and with confidence.
  • Data reports on specific properties – Your investing will be far more powerful knowing this information.
  • Real Wealth Australia Investor Updates – stay updated on all things Real Estate from your mentors.


  • The contact details of our Million Dollar Panel of Experts – You have the option to use the professionals that we use to grow and maintain our property portfolios. We have already done the hard yards to test them out to ensure they are the best of the best.
  • Financial Health Checks and Borrowing Power Assessments – You’ll know how much money you can access to build your multi-million-dollar property portfolio faster.
  • Access to Member’s only Facebook page – in which you can connect with other like-minded individuals.

Masterclass and Events

  • Access to our Online Development Masterclass – watch hours of ‘How to’ training videos from the Panel of Experts workshopping the full process and lifecycle of a successful Development, including the pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Development Resources and Checklists – to know your development will be a winner and to ensure your numbers stack up every time!
  • Live Events – your opportunity to attend our LIVE events at 75 per cent off the full ticket price.

Personalised 1-on-1 Mentoring

  • Personalised Mentoring – 1 hour per month of one-on-one phone/skype support from your team of experienced Property Mentors to work with you to develop your strategy and support you to find your goldmine deals. This time can we tailored to your individual needs ie, can be taken in 15-minute time lots (1 per week) or the full 1 hour per month.
  • Receive access to a dedicated email address – connecting you to your mentor directly when you have questions to ask.
  • Personalised Strategy Reviews – to make sure you are nailing the process.
  • Property Deal reviews – We’ll let you know if the property you’re considering purchasing is right for you, based on your Personal Investment Strategy and the property in its own right.
  • Due Diligence Reviews – to ensure you are moving forward and your portfolio is going in the right direction.
Gold Package

Who is the Gold Membership For?

The Gold Membership is for anyone who wants to take their investing to the next level as you get to work one-on-one with a mentor, so you’ll receive all the support you need to achieve your goals and aspirations easily.

Note: refer to inclusions page with comparisons

Want More Options?

We have designed P.E.A.K Education programs to be flexible enough to suit your lifestyle, budget and time, so we have additional Membership Packages for you to choose from.

The Bronze membership is for anyone wanting to go it alone. You can learn at your own pace while having access to all the valuable online resources you need to succeed with your property investing. You’ll also get access to all the professional experts on our panel to support you on your journey.

To learn what else is included in the Bronze membership package – click here

One more thing, though…

The Hidden Secret Behind Our Success

While our P.E.A.K. investing system and the 7 Master Secrets are a crucial part of the program success, this one final secret is what ties everything together.

It’s the ‘sure-ticket’ to financial success. The secret is…

Being mentored by highly successful investors who’ve been there and done that.

It’s true. This is the surest, safest way to financial success.

Even leaders in business need a coach… Like the CEO of Google.
“The one thing people are never very good at, is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps,” he says.

Truth be told, all of us at Real Wealth Australia have got mentors to continue our personal growth and we utterly appreciative for all the personal guidance and support received from them over the years. Now we want to reciprocate and offer support to you.

We want to do our best to help anybody who wants to achieve their financial dreams through property investing. That’s why we offer our unique P.E.A.K. Education and Mentoring Programs to a select few via an application process.

We want to make we are a good fit for you and that you are a good fit for us.

As mentioned earlier, the P.E.A.K. Education and Mentoring Program goes into much greater detail on each of the 7 Master Secrets. It helps you implement every single one of these secrets in a step-by-step, easy- to-follow manner.

Dennis – 2018

Nathaniel Galindo – 2017

Simon Wilson – 2017

You can check out my P.E.A.K. Education and Mentoring Program cover to cover and if you are not impressed, you can cancel within the first 7-days for a full refund of your monies paid. No quibbles.

That means you have absolutely no risk to try my P.E.A.K. Program. All the risk to provide a program that you want is on our shoulders, NOT yours.

We can’t be any fairer than that, can we?

There’s a catch, though …

While it is true that anybody can learn our P.E.A.K. investing system and apply it in their investing, it is also true that if you follow our investing system, step-by-step, you WILL succeed in property investing…

The problem is, from our years of mentoring experience, not everybody is willing to put in the time and effort to learn the entire investing system. In addition, not everybody is willing to do what it takes to succeed.

That’s why we want to make sure that only the right people apply for the P.E.A.K Education and Mentoring Programs.

Let’s be more specific…

The Three Qualifications You Must Meet Before You Apply

  • You need some capital (equity or cash) … or a good source of income to get started.

The P.E.A.K. programs are not like the other property courses out there. We are all about results and we only want to take on people who are 100% committed to their goals – otherwise we feel like we’re just stealing from you. If you don’t have a cent to your name, no job and you’re looking for strategies to create something from nothing, then this is not for you. That’s because while property is Australia’s #1 performing asset class, it does take some money to invest.

So if you’re financially strapped and have no money to invest, then best thing you can do is to find a good source of income and then start saving.

  • You must be willing to take action.

To achieve financial success, you can’t wait passively for things to happen. You must take massive action to make things happen – in the way you want. If you are successful in your application to join our P.E.A.K Education and Mentoring program, you will need to set aside time to go through the program. You will need to complete your coursework. Plus, you will need to do your own research, speak with real estate agents, and look for property deals and so on. And the good news is, you can be rest assured that the workload is reasonable and totally doable even if you’re living an extremely busy lifestyle.

How do we know? Well, we had a member who used to work 80 hours a week. He basically had “no life”. Fortunately, he decided to make a complete change and applied for our program. Within 3 years, he bought 8 properties and completely transformed his life.

So if you’re living a busy lifestyle and are not sure whether you have the time to do the program, you should not be worried. The most important point is, whether you’re willing to take the action needed.

  • You must be willing to invest in yourself.

You must be willing to invest time and money on your education, so as to gain the necessary knowledge to invest wisely. When you invest based on knowledge, your door of opportunities will open. Success will come faster than you’d think.

For example, if you have merely a 1% improvement in your property knowledge each day for just 12 months, you will have a whopping 3,778% improvement compounded over one year. Imagine that level of knowledge applied to your property investing. You would be unstoppable!

And consider this…

Your WORST-case scenario is that you find the P.E.A.K. Education and Mentoring Program to be not what you’re looking for. Feel free to say no if it’s not for you – this program is not for everyone. There is no shame in that. In this highly unlikely situation, simply let us know by the end of your 7-day cooling off period and we will promptly refund you all monies paid.

On the other hand…

If you’re ready to make some serious changes to your life and circumstances – and you’re sick of being confused and unsure about how to make profits from property… then here’s what you must consider.

Your Best-case scenario is that you finally get on the right track and be well on your way to financial freedom. You see your portfolio grow at a speed you never thought possible.

You enjoy solid asset growth from your capital growth properties.

At the same time, you’re also be earning income from your properties.

Considering both scenarios, you simply can’t lose by trying the P.E.A.K. Education and Mentoring Program.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the office on 03 9432 1699. Our team will do their best to assist you – with respect and courtesy.