Thank You for your Program Intake Special Interview Request

Thank You for Submitting Your Application for the Mentoring Program.

 Step 1 – Application Submitted

 Step 2 – Book a Phone Interview

Next, book an interview with us at a time that is convenient to you. During this call, we will ask you some questions about your application. You’ll also get the opportunity to ask us some of yours in detail.

The purpose of this call is to ascertain if we are a good fit for each-other, and whether you are comfortable moving forward with your application (should you be successful).

If not, we will be delighted to support you in other ways; by giving you some strategies to implement so that you can become ‘investor ready’ sooner rather than later.

And who knows, we may be connecting again in the future once you have lined-up your ducks.

Whatever happens, we want this to be a win-win.

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