What and Where to Buy in 2018?

What and Where to Buy in 2018?

Announcing the P.E.A.K Property Mentoring Program



Ideal For Investors Wanting To Go It Alone, Learn At Your Own Pace While Having Access To Valuable Resources.


Don’t Get Left Behind, Get Live Monthly Mentoring Webinars, And Get All Your Questions Answered Plus, Market Updates And Detailed Research.


Take Your Investing To The Next Level Working With A Mentor One On One And All The Support You Need To Overcome Your Hurdles Easily.
Exclusive Online Vault Password protected access to hours of ‘How to’ Training Videos – get full coverage of Helen and her Panel of Experts as they work through every part of the investing system. check check check
Preliminary ‘fast starter’ action pack – essential steps to get you started immediately in today’s property market. check check check
Master Workbook and Resource Box
Get the complete set of resources, checklists, templates and a 400-page workbook of what you must know before, during and after you invest your hard-earned money.
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My Complete set of property investing systems, checklists and criteria – contained in the Blue, Red, Green and Black books. check check check
Million Dollar Panel of Experts – you will receive their contact details and you have the option to use the professionals that Helen uses to grow her property portfolio. check check check
Financial Health Checks and Borrowing Power Assessments – you’ll know how much money you can access to build your multi-million-dollar property portfolio faster. check check check
Access to Member’s only Facebook page – in which you can connect with other like-minded investors. check check check
Due Diligence Resource Pack
We make your research easy and save you time using our Key Criteria Checklists, Due Diligence and Joint Venture Templates, plus Buying Rules and Deal Review Checklists.
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The Number Cruncher Deal Maker Software – to make sure the numbers stack up before you sign on the dotted line. ex check check
Portfolio Performer Spreadsheet – so you can track how your portfolio is doing and easily see if you have a winner for a lemon. ex check check
Access to our Online Development Masterclass – watch hours of ‘How to’ training videos from the Panel of Experts working the full process and lifecycle of a successful Development, including the pitfalls and how to avoid them. ex ex check
Development Resources and Checklists – to know your development will be a winner and to ensure your numbers stack up every time! ex ex check

Property Academy – Exclusive access to 1 x 2.5-day Property Academy where you meet the Panel of Experts, who will help you cement your learning and optimise your strategy giving you the edge. (Full Ticket Price for this event is $3,000)

From Friday until Sunday, you’ll get:

✓ The chance to ask the Panel of Experts all your burning questions.
✓ Workshop and develop your personalised investing strategy.
✓ Proven strategies for finding the perfect suburb – and the perfect property – with unique techniques and checklists used by our mentors.
✓ Hands-on lessons from one of our property mentors who will explain the art of negotiating…and demonstrate how to use the Number Cruncher Software for the most financially logical path to investing.
✓ And so much more, all packed into one insightful, fun weekend.

50% off 75% off check
Development Masterclass – Attendance to a full day training with Industry leaders workshopping the process of developing step-by-step to help you build equity.
(Full Ticket Price for this event is $1,000)
50% off 75% off check
Live Group Monthly Q&A with a mentor – get all your questions answered to succeed as a property investor. ex check check
Receive access to a dedicated email address – connecting you to your mentor when you have questions to ask.  ex check check

Personalised Mentoring – 1 hour per month of one-on-one phone/skype support from my team of experienced Property Mentors to work with you to develop your strategy and support you to find your goldmine deals.

During these calls, you’ll cover/discuss:

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  Personal Strategy reviews – to make sure you a nailing the process. ex ex check
  Deal reviews – we’ll let you know if the property you’re considering is right for you based on our strategy. ex ex check
  Due Diligence reviews – to make sure your research stacks up, so you avoid buying a lemon. ex ex check
  Personal Portfolio Reviews – to ensure you are moving forward and your portfolio is going in the right direction. ex ex check




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Monthly subscription of
Upfront payment
Monthly subscription of
Upfront payment
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