Our Story

Helen Collier-Kogtevs in the castleFrom Humble Beginnings…

When Helen and Ed first met, they were both in a precarious financial position. Helen had accumulated masses of bad debt, and Ed was going through an expensive divorce. Yet in only a few short years, they went from broke and in debt to owning and enjoying the lifestyle that comes with a multimillion-dollar property portfolio.

Previously, Helen and Ed spent their holidays camping, because that’s all they could afford to do.

One night while sitting around the campfire they took a closer look at their financial situation, and realised they would be living on $28,000 a year in retirement.

Right then and there they made a commitment to invest in property, beginning with their own home. They needed to borrow $12,500 to complete their first purchase (as they hadn’t allowed for stamp duty and closing costs) – and they have since turned that original $12,500 into millions.

One of the keys to their success was choosing to invest in an education and mentors who were experienced property investors themselves. Most of their family and friends thought they were “nuts”, especially when they spent $20,000 (which they had to borrow) on educating themselves.

“It was the best money we’ve ever spent,” Helen and Ed agree, and the value “has been returned to us many times over; without the education we would have made even more mistakes than we did along the way.”

They even purchased their second property whilst on honeymoon! Things went well and soon six properties were in the portfolio. Yet Helen and Ed kept things simple and continued to live relatively cheaply, still going on camping holidays. Helen and Ed continued to invest in books, seminars and various mentors and coaches to guide them through the property investing process. 

Over the years, Helen and Ed have accumulated properties from all over Australia. Because of their success, friends and family began seeking them out for advice on property investing. And so, without meaning too, Helen and Ed found themselves teaching others the secrets to successful investing – and thoroughly enjoying it at the same time.

Helen Collier-Kogtevs with Ed Kogtevs and Alex Kogtevs
Alexandria Kogtevs
Ed Kogtevs and Alexandria Kogtevs
Helen Collier-Kogtevs flying around dubai
Helen Collier-Kogtevs with Family in Dubai

“We really get a HUGE kick out of seeing our students succeed and we join with them in their excitement and joy when they land that first, second or tenth property deal,” Helen says.

“We also realised that many people in the property investing game weren’t really all that interested in helping their students succeed, but were only interested in selling them real estate,” Ed explains.

“That’s why we have designed our programs the way we have, so that every investor, from the complete novice to an experienced investor can follow our easy to learn investing system step by step. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to learn and to offer the tailored education and mentoring that you won’t get elsewhere, so people not only learn but TAKE ACTION”.

Fast forward to today…

Today Helen and Ed continue to follow their passion of making a difference to people in several ways. One being, back in 2015 when cyclone Pam hit the island nation of Vanuatu, they set up a foundation to support the locals rebuild damaged schools for the children.

Both are committed and focused on a 100-year plan to support the Vanuatu children getting an education for the long term.

Please click here to visit SHaRM Foundation and discover how we are making a difference.