Young Couple Create $200k Of Equity In 12 Months

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I love sharing success stories, and from a mindset point of view it really shows you what is possible.

I want to share with you the story of Jana and Andrew who came to us in 2012 but didn’t buy their first property until 2013.

Both Jana and Andrew were working in the mines in Western Australia, and believe it or not, they were studying their course from their haul trucks!

Now, they really took their time with their due diligence because their strategy was to look for a cashflow positive property.

 “[We were] in sort of a funny situation where we on a mining double income, no kids”explains Jana.

“But that is all going to change in a few years time.  And so we wanted something that [would support us] when we left mining, or if mining suddenly fell over.”

Jana and Andrew were looking to start a family in a few years, and they understood that they would be down an income.  They were looking for a strategy that would allow them to replace at least Jana’s income.

So when Jana and Andrew made their first purchase, they bough a block of 5 flats at $89k below their valued price – quite the deal right?

What they did next really was amazing.  They decided to strata title the flats, and that immediately increased their value by over $200k!

But wait… there’s more!

They did some simple renovations – approximately costing about $20k – and increased their rental price so that their total rental yield was around 10% per year!

Now property investors would salivate at that, because it’s quite rare to have property that offers both capital growth and a positive rental yield!

Guess what they did with that $200k of equity?

They put it towards their next investment property!

When we asked Jana and Andrew for some feedback on the training they took with us, this is what they had to say:

“I just spoke to someone recently who wants to join the course, and they said the one main thing that Helen says is: that we teach you how to fish so that you can keep on doing it yourself.”

We don’t give you a fish and have you be dependent upon us.

“Invest in a course, but invest in yourself and your own knowledge; because knowledge is power.”

This is exactly why it’s important to cultivate your mindset as a property investor, and this will take time and patience but it will be worth it!


Success breeds success and the more of it you see, the more you open yourself to the possibilities of what is achievable.

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P.S Coming up we are going to shift gears and take a closer look at property investing strategy – this is going to be really awesome!