How A Couple In Their 40’S Bought 5 Properties In 12 Months!

Dear ,

Let me share with you an amazing story about Carina and her husband Terry who were in their early 40’s when they first came to us.

They’re both professionals with healthy incomes, however, they were concerned about their retirement.

They knew they needed as much as $2 million + in paid off assets to enjoy $100,000 per year of passive income. And, they didn’t have anywhere near that.

They knew they had to get moving.

They looked at different property investment options and there was so much to think about, that according to Carina, they “just didn’t know where to start”.

In the 12 months after they started work with us, they bought 5 properties!

This is what Terry and Carina had to say:

“Getting the guidance and the tools to manage the property manages and make sure that asset is looked after and tenant selection is correct – that has all been invaluable.

Education is key – no one can take that away from you once you have it.

We had a vague idea that you could own property, it grows in value, you sell it and end up with cash in hand or homes that are paying a rental income.

But we really didn’t understand how to go about it, what made a good property, what constitutes a good investment, how to time things, where to buy – it was all completely new to us!

It was a great learning for us and really propelled our investment journey forward.

We know that investing is about more than just property acquisition – it’s also managing the portfolio, planning exit strategies at the right moment.

I guess, once we had the knowledge and felt confident in applying it, we thought, why wait?“


I want you to write your own success story.

This isn’t some fluffy exercise, but rather it’s to get your mind thinking about what it takes to be a successful property investor, what your motivations are, and what success looks like for you – in a fun and creative sort of way.

Imagine I’m interviewing you as a success story, and answer the following questions:

  • Why did you start down the path of property investing?
  • How many properties did you buy, and how did you arrive at this number?
  • How do you feel now that you have created financial independence for yourself through property investing, and how did you feel as you were going through your journey?
  • What challenges did you need to overcome so that you could get to where you are?
  • What advice would you give someone who is looking to get into investing?

Discuss these questions with your partner, and really dig as deep as you can.

Then write the answers down in your notebook.

Answer 1 question a every day so that you can focus on the question at hand and keep the momentum.

We will be revisiting this in a few days time so really put your heart and soul into this!

Success stories are inspiring, and what better inspiration than writing your own?

Get started with this and I’ll have more for you soon.

To Your Success,

P.S Coming up we are going to be looking at how a property investor thinks – this is going to be good!