From $50,000 Credit Card Debt To A Profitable Property Portfolio

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As a long-time investor and property mentor, I’ve seen investors make countless mistakes; I’ve also made quite a few missteps of my own along the way.

But there’s one mistake I see people continue to make, time and time again. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that this is the number one property blunder that virtually all Australian investors make.

I’m talking about not creating a personalised investment strategy to guide your real estate purchasing decisions. Victorian investor Harry Miriklis, who hails from the suburb of Bentleigh, is a great example of this.

$50,000 in credit card debt
When Harry started my Mentoring Program, he had one three-unit investment block to his name, along with $50,000 in credit card debt.

Within a very short timeframe, he was able to reel in his debt and invest in a further four properties – with more purchases on the horizon.

When we spoke with him, this is what he had to say:

“Before doing the course with Helen, I was getting extremely frustrated. I thought to myself, well, this is not how I envisaged retiring in property, because all I was doing was paying out money,” Harry explains.

“After beginning the course, we bought a property in Footscray. We then renovated the home at a cost of $84,000 and we made $133,000 profit upon revaluation.”

Becoming laser-focused on his property goals
The upgrade took longer than expected, but it’s now a “terrific” investment that generates a weekly rental income of $550 per week, up from $350 per week pre-renovation.

“Everyone’s talking about Footscray now,” Harry adds. “That’s the power of due diligence.”

He intends to follow Real Wealth Australia’s ’10 properties in 10 years’ investing system, although the 55-year-old has ramped it up to 10 properties in five years.

The key change that Harry made as an investor – and the key factor that is now driving his success – is that Harry became laser-focused on his goals.

Prior to working with us, he was aimlessly investing in property with a vague goal of eventually profiting from his investments. But now, he has a tailored investment strategy and a series of short and long term goals driving him forward.

“…now I’m starting to think, there’s no limit.”
As an investor, before you even think about buying a property, you must have a personalised, well thought-out investment strategy that takes into account your goals, borrowing power, family situation, lifestyle, employment, attitude towards risk and other life circumstances.

By putting this level of thought and strategy into property investing, you put yourself in the best possible position to generate lasting wealth and profits from your real estate journey, rather than simply buying any old property because it seems like “a good thing to do”.

This is what allows you to really fast-track your investing and enjoy the kind of success that Harry is enjoying.

“What I’ve learnt through Helen’s course is to set my sights on goals that I didn’t think were worth even writing down 10 years ago,” Harry says.

“I am in debt, and you’ve got to be able to handle the debt mentally. But with good backing and good mentors all things are possible. And now I’m starting to think, there’s no limit.”


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