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The Green eBook

Do you want to get started in property investing the safe way?

The Step by Step Guide to Getting Started in Property Investing: Everything you Need to Know

What's in The Green Ebook?

  • How To Get Started - If you are not sure where to begin with your property investing, then the green book is the best resource for you to build your foundation.

    • How to set realistic goals – this will help you get clear from the outset about what you want to achieve from your property investing, or why you invest in the first place.
    • Understanding your credit file report – discover why the lenders will not share this with you and how you can get your hands on it simply and for free.
    • The importance of budgeting – maximise your cashflow for investing thereby achieving your investment goals faster than you thought possible.
    • A step by step debt reduction strategy – I’ll show you a systematic way of how to get rid of that bad debt that is holding you back from investing. Say goodbye to that credit card debt forever!
  • How to Build Your Panel of Experts

    • 12 must-ask questions to finding the right mortgage broker
    • 15 must-ask questions to finding the right accountant
    • 22 must-ask questions to finding the right property manager
    • 8 must-ask questions to finding the right solicitor
    • 14 must-ask questions to finding the right real estate agent
  • Keys to Great Research

    • How many tenants live in the town/suburb – are the numbers that rent sufficient to warrant your investment there?
    • Useful and reliable property research and government websites that you can use.
    • What key aspects you need to do due diligence on, so your investment stacks up and how to go about it! e.g. capital growth and sales/rental data.
  • 16 Steps to Successful Property Investing

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If you are prepared to follow the steps contained in The Green eBook diligently and with determination, you will become closer to reaching your property investment goals sooner rather than later.