Momentum Program

Your investment journey doesn’t end when your program does! The Momentum Program is a mentoring-only program, and is only for students who have completed the Property Mentoring Programs, and wish to progress their property portfolio further with ongoing support.

What is our Momentum Mentoring Program about?

You’ve created a successful property portfolio, but now your goals have changed, and your eyes are firmly fixed on new horizons! Maybe developing is your dream, or maybe it is growing your portfolio in ways that two years ago, you never dreamed of. Either way, Momentum is here to help you do this.

The Momentum Mentoring Program was specifically designed to offer you ongoing support you, as you progress in your property investing journey.

Who is the program for?

This program is only for students who have completed the Property Mentoring Programs.

As part of your Momentum Program, you will receive one-on-one mentoring and unrestricted access to software, which will support you through-out your ongoing investment journey. More importantly, you will have a constant and consistent voice, working with you to make the right decisions, every-time.

Connect with us…

If you have completed one of our Property Mentoring Programs and you would like to propel your property portfolio to the next level, then Momentum is for you!

Are you interested in our Momentum Mentoring Program? Email your mentors at: