1-on-1 Strategy Review

Achieve your investment dreams! The 1-on-1 Strategy Review is a one off, two-hour face-to-face or phone call strategy session. It is ideal for those who already have a property portfolio and investment education, but are either stuck, or limited in their options to move forward.

What is our 1-on-1 Strategy Review about?

You’ve created a successful property portfolio; but you would like to discuss your strategy with an experienced and educated investor! Maybe you have hit a roadblock that you can’t seem to overcome on your own, or maybe you just wish to double-check that you are on the right track. Whatever the case, our strategy review can help you move forward with your investing.

As part of your strategy review, you will receive one-on-one mentoring, and resources, to help you get ahead! More importantly, you will be able to speak with some-one who understands your situation, and can help you move past it.

** This strategy review will be run by one of the master-minds behind our Mentoring Programs – Helen or Ed Kogtevs. They are property investing icons, with multi million dollar property portfolio and have been investing for almost two decades.

Let’s have a conversation…

Make sure your strategy is successful!

Are you interested in a 1-on-1 strategy review? Let’s have a conversation – send us an email stating your interest in the program and we can discuss your next steps! This may be the difference between growing your wealth, or reducing it. So click  here and fill in your details quick!