Creating Investment Strategy

How to create your own strategy to secure success

Why do so many property investors lose money or hit the financial brick wall after only one or two property investments?

In our experience, it is mainly because most investors do not take the time to define their goals, let alone create an investment strategy to fit their financial needs.

We feel it is much better to give you the right information which enables you to make the right choices regarding your own investing future.  It is these choices which are guided by your investment strategy.

So what is an investment strategy?  We believe it is the plan which combines specific tactics or methods needed to achieve a particular investment result.  Investors without a strategy do not give themselves the structure and the guidelines they need to be successful… and so they do not achieve their financial goals.

So, the real question is: ‘How do you pick the right mentor, to help you create and implement your personal strategy?’

The seven criteria you should consider when choosing a property educator who offers strategy.

1. Do you learn how to create a personalised property investment strategy, with one-on-one support?

Your situation is unique.  Therefore, you need an investment strategy which reflects both your intended outcome, your current reality and the tactics you need to be successful.

Helping you to create your own personalised tailored property investment strategy is what we specialise in at Real Wealth Australia. No one does it like us.

This is because we have designed a unique and focused system which ensures your investment plan gives you the outcomes you seek as you implement each and every step.

2. Do you get a strategy which is based on 14 specific considerations, or just on your equity?

So many people believe that income and equity are the only considerations when purchasing property. Whilst your income and equity are important, when they are considered in isolation, they often result in too much equity being used on a property that won’t deliver on the returns you seek.

At Real Wealth Australia we use a Three Pillar Strategy System, which uses a combination of 14 different specifications to help you devise and tailor your investment strategy.

3. Is your strategy reliant upon a single tactic, or multiple combinations?

There are at least 14 different tactics, which investors use to create either cash flow or equity within their portfolio. Which ones you choose, and in what combination you choose them, will have a direct impact upon the results you achieve.

At Real Wealth Australia, we always consider which of the investing tactics might work for you, and which of them will either cost you money or increase your risks.

4. Is your strategy focused on buying properties, or does it also include building and sustaining a portfolio?

Having a large property portfolio does not necessarily mean that you will be wealthy. For you, it might be better to have less properties, which generate a greater income. In our experience, a personally tailored property investment strategy ensures that you are purchasing wisely and within your means. Ultimately, a successful property investor has a balanced portfolio. At Real Wealth Australia, we help you achieve this.

5. Does an unbiased, experienced property investor review your strategy, and mentor you?

At Real Wealth Australia, we provide you with independent support from unbiased experts who are on your side. Not only that, our mentors are educated, experienced and knowledgeable investors who work with you to independently achieve your goals.

6. Do you get access to a strategy and education system that is proven to work in all circumstances?

Real Wealth Australia has been educating and training investors for more than nine years.  We have guided investors of all ages, experiences, and professions at all stages of their investment journey.

Our results speak for themselves.  We have assisted over hundreds of clients achieve financial freedom.

7. Designed specifically to get you to your outcome of 10 properties in 10 years® Mentoring Program.

Many educators believe that a ‘goal’ is the same thing as a ‘strategy’. This is false. A goal is what you want to achieve, and a strategy is how you will achieve it. It is not enough to say that you want to have 10 properties in 10 years™. You have to plan for how you will accomplish this, and for the hurdles that you will undoubtedly face.

As you create and grow your property portfolio, you will face many challenges and many varied situations.  Armed with the correct strategy, the ability to deal with these challenges and make the right focused decisions, will be the difference between success and failure.

Therefore, it’s vital that you arm yourself with an education, and receive personal support from people who understand your goals, and who have already achieved the results you desire.

Remember, you are building a portfolio designed to deliver you financial freedom. As such, you need to be assured that your strategy is informed.