In our eyes, education is the key to unlocking a property investor’s success. So, it is fantastic that you have chosen, or are at-least considering, to invest in invaluable property mentoring. But how do you pick the right mentors to help you achieve your goals?

In essence, we believe it is having your mentor understand what you want to achieve, and you, understanding their value. Mentoring exists to support and encourage people to manage their own learning so they can maximise their potential, develop their skills, and improve their own performance. But, they can only help you do so if you are proactive in your learning.

At Real Wealth Australia, we tailor our mentorship to your individual goals and strategy. We match you with a mentor, who we believe can help you achieve the results that you ultimately desire. Most importantly, we teach our students life-skills so that they can continue along their journey without us, if and when they choose. One of the most basic teachings is knowing how to pick the right mentor. We encourage you to read the 5 criteria you should look for when selecting you property mentor below; hopefully you’ll always pick the ‘right’ mentor for you, after you’ve read this.

The 5 Criteria You Should Look for when Selecting your
Property Investor Mentor

1. Do you get personal support from qualified, interested mentors or general support from a dedicated hot-line?

As you create and grow your property portfolio, you will face many challenges and have big decisions to make. Therefore, it’s vital that you get personal support from people, who have already achieved the results you want.

Remember, you are building your own portfolio that needs to deliver your financial freedom. You need to be assured that your mentor is interested in helping you to achieve what you need given your circumstances.

Are the Real Wealth Australia mentors qualified? And, do we have a hot-line?

At Real Wealth Australia, our mentors are highly experienced, and constantly learning. They are all property investment professionals who’ve successfully built multi-million dollar property portfolios for themselves.

The success of mentoring is based on the quality of the partnership between both people. Sharing knowledge and experience becomes more than teaching, when the relationship between both people is open, caring and focused on similar experiences and results.

As we genuinely care that your portfolio is successful and that you achieve the goals you set yourself, our mentoring relationships are strong whilst being flexible, open whilst being confidential, and straight talking without being ‘nasty’.

2. Are your mentoring sessions structured, or is it just a ‘nice property chat’?

Mentoring is so much more than a shared chat about property. For it to be successful, it needs to include a system of semi-structured guidance, and conversational strategy planning.
Mentors need to be readily accessible and prepared to offer help as the need arises – within agreed boundaries.

This is why mentoring is much more than ‘giving advice’, or the passing on of experience. Successful mentors share their experience, as well as motivate and empower you to identify your own barriers and goals, help you to find ways of overcoming the barriers, and then celebrate the outcomes you achieve.

The Real Wealth Australia difference:

At Real Wealth Australia all our mentors are passionate about property, are equally passionate about the system we use to support our clients through mentoring programs, and are committed to helping you succeed.

3. Do you get real investor education and support, or just property and development offers?

Many so-called ‘mentoring programs’ and property education systems work to sell properties to their clients. These programs, and program implementers can receive commissions of up to $30,000 per property sale.

With this in mind, how can you be sure the information and system you are learning about is really what you need for your own success based, on your individual circumstances? This is why you want independent support from unbiased experts who are on your side.

The Real Wealth Australia difference:

At Real Wealth Australia, we don’t sell properties – we never have and never will. We see it as a conflict of interest. We are very clear. Our interest is your success, based on your needs, our strategy, and your actions.

4. Is your mentoring focused on your results and your performance, or on following the educators program?

Yes, when building a multi-million dollar property portfolio, you need a proven system to follow. But, you also need to have a personalised strategy to implement, and the right mentor to support you on your unique journey.

The nature of the strategy support you get, and the mentor experiences you access will have a direct impact on the results you achieve.

The Real Wealth Australia difference:

At Real Wealth Australia, we are equally focused and passionate about helping you to create the right strategy for your success, as we are about you choosing the right property, or getting your offer accepted through a well-thought out negotiation.

5. Is the Mentoring programme right for you, or for the Mentor?

Mentoring is an experience. It requires both parties to be able to work together, to help you achieve your goals. It can’t be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Even though the approach to your discussions needs to be structured, mentors need to be able to focus be flexible and personalised in the advice they offer.

The Real Wealth Australia difference:

We are committed to mentoring you, in the way that suits you. We do this by tailoring our programs to help you succeed!

At Real Wealth Australia, we believe in forever-learning, and offer programs for all investor-levels. We encourage you, even if it is not with us, to actively seek property investment mentorship through-out your journey. Most importantly, we wish you every success in your property endeavours.