It's Time For Something :Different...

At Real Wealth Australia we strive to work with leading edge companies that bring value to our members. That is why I am proud to introduce an exciting new partnership between Real Wealth Australia and :Different.

In an industry that is filled with inefficiencies and a lack of transparency, :Different bring to the table a fresh and innovative way that all investors can benefit from while saving $$.

Who are :Different?

:Different offers full-service property management with transparent & quality service. They are solely focused on providing landlords and tenants the best experience possible through their smart tech and team of property experts.


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What makes them :Different?

Flat Fee of $100/month

Pay a flat fee of $100 per month (including GST) – with no hidden extras.

Rent Guaranteed

Their exclusive rental guarantee means guaranteed payment if your tenants is more than 5 days late. This covers you for rent defaults, tenant damage and eviction.

Landlord Insurance

Comprehensive landlord insurance for the first year included.

Intelligent Technology

Intelligent technology – online 24/7 so you can access your information in real-time. On demand access to your leases, statements, maintenance requests and more.

Quality Maintenance

Tenant app for fast and streamlined requests. Take care of all maintenance, obtain quotes and keep you informed every step of the way.

What’s In It For You?

Real Wealth Australia Subscribers Exclusively Get:

Exclusive Offer

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I’ve been an investor for nearly 20 years and one of my greatest challenges has been property management. It can make or break your investment.

At :Different, I like the use of technology to make the whole process of managing a property portfolio really easy and transparent.

With my busy schedule, I can just look up the landlord portal 24/7 to see my rental statements, monitor any maintenance issues or communicate with the team at :Different. It has been easy for my tenant to log a maintenance issue without playing telephone tag with a property manager. I get notified immediately via text and email giving me the option of using my own repairer or requesting quotes.

With the push of a button, :Different made it easy and saved me $$$.


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