Investing In Property Is Complicated…
Our Property Portfolio Formula Makes It Easy.

As a Participant Of The Property Portfolio Formula Course, You’ll Get A Complete Property Investing Game Plan As Well As Instant Access To All The Checklists, Templates, Trainings, and Community That You Will Need to Buy Your Next Investment Property – even in today’s property market.

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Ready to Make Investing in Property Easy?

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Step-By-Step Playbooks

Up-To-Date Trainings

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Hyper-Focused Video Trainings To Keep You On Top Of The Latest Strategies And Tactics

You’ll have access to the 78 video trainings that go deep into each topic and cover all the latest strategies and tactics that come with building a successful property portfolio.

76 Investing “Playbooks” That GET STUFF DONE

With Step-By-Step Instructions For Implementing The Strategies. Plus 59 Checklists So You Never Miss A Thing!

Get the 76 Playbooks with step-by-step instructions that produce specific results and allow you to understand how to implement all the complex investing tactics with ease and speed.

Plus… as a BONUS… Must-Have Investor Tools to MAKE Your Investing EASY

Crunch your numbers and know your bottom line before you sign anything!

Ready to Make Investing in Property Easy?

Become a Member Now and Get Instant Access to:

A Community That Answers All Your Questions

Our members-only Facebook group is made up of skilled and generous property investors who are ready to answer ALL your property investing questions at any time, day or night.


How About Adding One-On-One Mentoring To The Formula Course to Accelerate your Investing?

If you are looking to up level your skills, then you have the OPTION to ADD Performance Mentoring to the Formula Course to get your property investing DONE sooner.


You can choose between either a weekly or fortnightly call with a dedicated mentor.
Select a suitable time to have your calls that works for you.
Mentors will keep you accountable to following the formula to ensure you achieve success.

Performance Mentoring is ideal for:

Someone who would like to be held accountable to their goals and strategy by ensuring that they are taking the necessary actions in a sensible timeframe,

Someone who is wanting to build their confidence and affirm that they are following the Formula and taking action that is congruent with their strategy and buying rules,

Someone who needs a sounding board to get all their questions answered while overcoming any challenges and uncertainties that life throws in the way.

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